and after, we dreamt of purple


a new play by Nico Della Fave

Produced at Dixon Place as part of the HOT! Festival, 2017

Produced at IRT as part of the 3b Development Series, Bitchin' Mondays - in collaboration with What Will the Neighbors Say? and Experimental Bitch Presents

and after, we dreamt of purple is a play that takes place behind closed doors. We watch Charlie, Jesse, and Halle, as they navigate mental illness, queerness, and their relationships to each other and themselves. This play explores the way we scream when emotions feel too big and laugh when our corners seem too scary. This is a play with trans people. This is not a play about being trans.

Lighting Design: Jennifer J Fok
Sound Design: Justin Johnson
Costume Design: Morgan Hulquist
Photography & Videography: Jonatan Amaya
Image Design: Skye Murie