Hot 'N' Throbbing


a fast-paced and cinematic one-act by Paula Vogel.

We are swept into one turbulent night in the life of Charlene, a woman who writes screenplays for a feminist erotica company. As a suburban dusk settles, her two teenaged children, her husband, and two Voices join us. Stakes rise swiftly in this dark, funny, and violent blur of red light, seduction, and fear.

Scenographer: Xingying Peng
Dramaturgy: Emma Leff & Sophie Kriegel
Scenic Design: Bella Week
Costume Design: Olivia Dalmedo & Lanah Swindle
Properties: Del Hanson
Light Design: Emilia Vecchiarelli
Sound Design: Thomas McPhee
Choreography: Genevieve Riordan
Fight Director: Thom Mellert